Kosht Urada Price of the state. Simply about our budget.

The Government has collected BYN 37 000 000 000 in 2015

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  BYN m Per capita BYN Per working person BYN % of GDP  
Central government budget 649,30 68,00 148,00 1,5  
Local governments budgets 147,00 15,00 33,00 0,3  
Consolidated budget 787,10 83,00 179,00 1,8  
Social security Fund -77,90 -8,00 -18,00 -0,2  
Public sector (general government) 709,10 75,00 161,00 1,6  

Table description:

Balance of state budget is the difference between its revenues and expenditures. If the expenditures are higher than income, there is a budget deficit, or a negative balance. In case the expenditures are lower than income, there is a budget surplus or the balance is positive.

Data are presented as of the second quarter